Using Go Figure with the Placard

Go Figure Tips and Tricks for Using the Placard (not Spike device)

When taking a picture try to be square to the house and make sure the placard is not obscured by anything or hanging crooked. If you can see the placard well so can the app.

When drawing an item that is close to another item either zoom in using the two finger pinch to zoom or draw it off to the side and drag it into place. This will prevent you from accidently selecting the other item as you draw.

If you can’t get back far enough to get the whole side of the house in the picture put the placard in the center of the side and take a picture of the left side with the placard to the right and then take a picture of the right side with the placard to the left without moving the placard. Then when you do your take off use the placard as your dividing line for that side of the house.

If the autoscale feature has trouble finding the placard use manual scale to set the scale by placing it over the placard. The placard is 2” 6” in height for the white area.

Use deskew (located in the ruler button with manual and autoscale) to adjust a picture if you are standing to the right or left of the side of the house. Simply line up the grid on the top and bottom with the top and bottom of the house and the sides of the the grid with the sides of the house then long press on the grid and hit apply. It is a good idea to open deskew on any side that is off center to check that picture is not skewed.

If you want to be as accurate as possible take a picture with the placard on each “plane” of the house (i.e. each surface of a bumpout) if you choose not to, simply overdraw any portion that is recessed to account for the greater distance.


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