How to enter product description and pricing through our web site

Using the web site to change or add descriptions and pricing

After logging in to your account on our web site,, you will see a tab labeled 'Components'. This brings the user to their own personal product description and pricing page. All changes are synced in the background to the app when Go Figure is opened and the iPad is on the network (WiFi/Cell).

Changing existing items is simple. First locate the item be changed and click on it. The current pricing and description will be displayed. To change any field click on it, enter your changes and hit save. The new pricing and description will be displayed.

Creating a new item is simple as well. First select the proper location for the new item. If you are creating a new siding item then select Area>Siding and click on 'Add Sub Component'. The temporary name for the new item will be [Sub Component Name]. Rename this to your new item name. We will name ours 'Azek Siding' and hit save. This will be found in the app Items under Area>Siding>Azek Siding after the app has synced back to the server.

Now that the new item has been saved you will see the label 'Proposal Line Item' and the button 'Add Line Item'. This is where you enter the bullet pointed product descriptions that appear in the proposal generated by Go Figure on your iPad. Each line item entry will be a separate bullet point and can be several lines each, although it will be entered as a single line on the web site or copied and pasted. Components can be cloned using the 'Clone Component' button.

*Once a component has a proposal line item it can no longer have a sub component.

So to review:

1. Log in to the site.

2. Click on the 'Components' tab.

3. Select the item or location for the new item to be added as a sub component.

4. Edit the product pricing or description and hit save.

5. Open Go Figure while connected to the network to sync the changes.


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